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My Print and Page Layout Designs

Along with web designs, I am a photographer and teach all the Adobe Photoshop programs. I use my photos to make computerized prints and do page layouts. If you are interested in working with Adobe Photoshop and need help, please contact me. This is the computer program I love the most.
Below are a few of my pieces.

Jill Gallagher: 805-438-3101 or jill@imprintd.com

A black and white photo of a horse. It resembles a pen drawing.
It's a First Place Winner!
Mid State Fair, San Luis Obispo County, California USA.
This photo was made by starting with a digital color photo, then in Adobe Photoshop, I worked it with filters and masks to get this finished effect.
A image of a ad for Hollyhock Hollow Pygora Goats of Santa Margarita California. The ad is a black and white with a spinning wheel, a basket of yarn and a couple of goats in the background. It was completed in Adobe Photoshop.
A photo poster for Pygora Goats. The images in this photos are of 4 fiber Pygora Goats, bars of soap, a basket of yarn, and a glass of milk, advertising, the multipurpose animal.
This is a large poster for a breed of goats, called Pygoras. All the photos I took and then made the poster in Adobe Photoshop.
This is a black and white ad for a national magazine. I used photos that I took and then made drawings from my photos in Adobe Photoshop to complete this ad.
A black and white image of leaves and seeds that were drawn by hand for a cover of a booklet. A image of a map surrounded by leaves and seeds that one might find if they followed the map in this town.
This is a cover illustration, for a booklet I did for a community forest group. I drew the illustrations and then scanned them into my computer. The second illustration, has a map of which I made in Adobe Illustrator and then laid the complete work out in Adobe Pagemaker for printing.
This image is of a poster I did for the Friends of Santa Margarita Library. The poster is advertising the auther Vicki Leon's talk about her uppity women books.
Poster Design for Friends of
Santa Margarita Library
A image of one Bedlington terrier, but three different photos of her put together in Adobe Photoshop. A image of a Bedlington terrier, that I took to Adobe Photoshop and ran a few filters on.
Bedlington terrier Design
Adobe Photoshop Design with filters.
This image is of a business card for a family that raises cattle. Using the King of clubs as the base to start with to make this design.
Business Card for the King family.
This image is a photo of the back legs of a horse and Morro Rock. I scanned the photo into photoshop and ran a watercolor filter or two on it.
Original photo by Jill, then filters were applied in
Adobe Photoshop.
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