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Montana de Oro
October 26, 2003

The last Sunday of October found me riding with my good friend Karen Foster-Wells as her guest with the Cambria Corral Riding Club at Montana de Oro. It was a very sunny and warm day along our beautiful coastal mountains. Lisa Hersch was our trail boss for the day, and she did a great job. She took us through the Hazard Canyon area, then through the Bloody nose trail and then to a creek to water our horses and then finished up along the ridge above the ocean. The ride was about 3 hours, and she didn't lose a one of us.Thanks Lisa for a great Ride!

Photos on the web are never as vibrant as on paper. To make the photo load as quick as possible for the web viewer, some of the color is removed to make the image smaller. So, although these photos look pretty good here, please remember, they look much better in person

I can make you a copy of any of these photos on photo paper. I will offer a single image, 8 x 10 for $10 per copy. Or a 8 x 10 collage of up to four images on photo paper for $10. There will be a $4 shipping fee, if shipping is needed. I can also do tiles, cups, and stationary from these photos. Great Gift ideas!

Any questions you might have, please contact me at the e-mail address below or my phone number.

Jill Gallagher: 805-438-3101 or jill@imprintd.com

Joe and Karen, looking good!

Up Bloody Nose Trail

Icelandic Pony and owner

Trail Riders

Karen's horse likes the water...

Trail Boss Lisa and Joe's mule

Trail Boss Lisa, having fun!

Heading back ...

The dune trail along the cliffs.

Just over this ridge is the trailers and the biggest buck deer we had ever seen in this area, but he was to fast for my camera, but maybe, I will photo him next time, we hope you will join us! Bye....Jill

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