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Odds and Ends page of 2005

Summer of 2005 has been a busy and cool one. It started out with one week of 100 degree plus and then went into a wonderful summer of 80 degree weather.

In June, Pat, Jim's sister drove out to Estes Park Colorado with me and 15 Pygora goat kids to a wool and fiber show. We had a time of it. Fun and eventful. We had wind on Hwy 80, Snow in Wyoming, had to be towed to Reno, and I climbed on the roof of my camper so many times, I was sure I would fall through, cause a vent blew away and we were getting snow inside the camper at night or rain on other nights. But the trip was Beautiful and the goats a hit. The photos are basically a road trip of images from starting in Wyoming thru Colorado into Four Corners and horseback riding in Colorado and ending at my favorite canyon "the Grand". Those goats that came back home didn't want to get out of the trailer they do love to travel.

Next I would like to show off our dog Maurico. Maurico's day at the beach, or one of his days with his best friend-Penny Roe. These pics have Maurico looking pretty pretty on the beach along with the elephant seals sun bathing and my mom and Penny Roe's grandmother and Penny's mom's(Cheri's) mom. Have fun at the beach. The month was April of 2004.

I will show you two more groups of pictures, one from a Leo birthday party at my friend Cheri's home and also a fun bus trip we took in Arroyo Grande, which Malcome, Cheri's husband arranged for us. The bus was a red double decked English bus and we were taken to a winery and then a picnic in the park. What a way to go to a winery!

Ok, hope this isn't to overhelming.

take care,

Jill and Jim

ps more to come in a month or so.....

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